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Indecomm’s Yellow Platter Learning Suite is a complete solution for the knowledge management needs of today’s mortgage lender. Created specifically to address the learning and education needs of the mortgage industry, we’ve brought together the solutions you need to create, update and manage all the educational content your staff needs. Our learning suite offers a complete solution, but individual technologies can also be leveraged for organizations looking to augment their existing mortgage education and learning tools. We’ve made it easy to have the knowledge management program today’s lenders need to succeed.

Indecomm also provides a variety of content resources. Learn more about our extensive mortgage learning course catalog, manual and guide library and all of our other education resources here.

Yellow Platter Learning Management System

Our learning management system (LMS) provides the right blend of traditional and innovative learning solutions allowing you to create your own private university. Its flexible and scalable design allows it to be customized for the specific education and training needs of today’s mortgage lender. The LMS supports multiple training delivery methods and easy to use administration tools that provide the tracking tools you need to support your compliance requirements.

Learn more about our learning management system here

Publishing Portal

Indecomm’s Publishing Portal solution addresses the practical need today’s lenders face-to have a consolidated location for their business-critical documents. Our Publishing Portal provides a single resource with the tools you need to create, update and manage key documents like your policies, procedures and guides. Collaboration tools make it easy for multiple stakeholders to provide document input, and the alerts and notifications make informing users of changes easy. The easy-to-use structuring makes finding needed documents simple, and the reporting tools support an effective compliance strategy.

Learn more about the Publishing Portal here


Our YP TAB solution works in conjunction with our Learning Management System and provides functionality to facilitate offline learning. YP TAB enables learners to download learning material from our LMS to their devices and take them offline, and then syncs the progress status to the LMS once they reconnect to the internet. With YP TAB, your staff can take the courses they need where and when it’s easiest for them.

Learn more about YP TAB here


Indecomm’s iPerform technology is a micro-Learning app that helps your mortgage professionals refresh their knowledge and skills with easy access to knowledge bytes and articles. iPerform facilitates an effective and innovative means for sharing easily digestible nuggets of information between users and across your organization.

Learn more about iPerform here


Rapidel is Indecomm’s content authoring tool. It’s designed for the lender who is looking to create their own learning content. It provides multi-user and multi-role workflows, a gallery of templates, media elements including interactive components, a variety of easily configurable course settings, a collaborative storyboard and review environment, and a host of other cleverly-innovative features.

Learn more about Rapidel here


Peruse is the companion technology to Rapidel. It provides a set of tools that allow you to efficiently review learning courses that you’ve created. Peruse allows multiple users to review courses simultaneously with as little back and forth as possible, and consolidates feedback directly within the course without the need for a separate document. Additional review tools track the status and severity of issues, along with their history, providing an efficient and smooth review process.

Learn more about Peruse here

Centralized Resources

Indecomm’s Yellow Platter Learning Suite provides a single location for all your content and your users can access it how, when and where it suits them.

Improved Change Management

Our technology provides a controlled process for editing, reviewing and approving changes, along with announcements to notify users when they happen.


The easy-to-use tools allow you to modify and add content as the needs of your organization, and of the industry, change.

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