ViewPoint™ is Indecomm’s proprietary technology solution



ViewPoint™ is Indecomm’s proprietary technology solution for the management of final documents. Our lender clients send us a data feed as soon as their loans are funded. ViewPoint™ references our extensive data repository that tracks the turnaround times of the counties, and calculates the Expected Return Date (ERD). The ERD is when the lender should expect the mortgage to have been recorded by the settlement agent or their correspondent lender. When the lender receives the final documents pertaining to the specific loan, the receipt is updated in ViewPoint™ and the loan is closed out. ViewPoint™ provides extensive reporting and document tracking capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Interactive dashboard and reporting that provides real-time view of the status of mortgage documents
  • Multi-level drill-down capability
  • Linked to county web sites for live recording status checks
  • Tracking of all follow-up performed at a loan level
  • Two-way communication with settlement agents and correspondent lenders
  • Aging analysis of all final documents
  • Extensive filtering options for easy access
  • Reporting of final documents status by different parameters – state, investor, loan amount, settlement agent, correspondent lender

Services Delivered:

  • Final Documents Management
  • Loan Modification Fulfillment

Indecomm’s final document management solution powered by ViewPoint™ has been covered by leading publications in the industry, including The Title Report.

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