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Indecomm’s title and settlement solutions group recognizes that every organization is a little bit different so we customize our solutions so that they are tailored to each partner’s specific needs. We use our experience and best practices, templates, guidelines and checklists along with proprietary technology to meet the specific title and settlement needs of each client.
  • Experience in processing 100,000 title searches, and over 200,000 commitments on an annual basis
  • Online search coverage of over 1000 Counties through proprietary platform – iTitleHubTM
  • Dedicated tax research team with a capacity to process 100,000 reports per year
  • Experience working with large Title and Settlement companies for multiple or standalone services
  • On shore vendor management and support team

Tax Research

We provide a number of tax research services including:

  • Property tax reports
  • Utilities including water, sewer, storm water and more
  • Municipal lien certificates
  • Code violations
  • Building permits

Title Search and Typing

Indecomm provides numerous title search and typing services to support your needs.

  • Current owner search reports
  • Two owner search reports
  • Municipal lien certificates
  • Lien and judgement searches
  • Full search
  • Field abstractor management
  • Owner & encumbrance and legal & vesting reports
  • Assignment verification reports
  • Letter Production for Buyer, Seller, CPL and ICL

Audit and Closing Support

To support your audit and closing needs, Indecomm provides services for:

  • Closing disclosure preparation
  • Pre-closing audits
  • Pay-off Services

Post Closing

Indecomm can also support your post-closing needs with:

  • Lien release tracking
  • Document retrieval
  • Policy preparation
  • Print and mail services


We customize our approach to adapt to each client’s delivery model to eliminate unnecessary steps and manage unwieldy documentation


What gets measured gets results, so we use a metrics-driven approach that is tied to the business value of the investment


Through the use of technology, we’re able to monitor quality to deliver consistent results.

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