Risk Management


Efficient and effective solutions to help you manage your risk


Indecomm has over two decades of experience helping lenders throughout the mortgage industry manage their risk. Our outsourced risk management solutions bring together industry veterans and our robust audit technology, AuditGenius, to provide an efficient and effective way for today’s lenders to manage risk.

When you partner with Indecomm we become an extension of your mortgage risk management team. We start by discussing your goals, workflow and needs, providing feedback and recommendations for the best way to move forward in ensuring the delivery of quality loan files to your investors.

Quality Control Solutions

Indecomm offers Quality Control solutions for every step of the loan process to ensure the delivery of quality loan files to your investors. We offer Quality Control solutions for a variety of areas including:

  • Initial Package Submission Audit
  • Pre-Funding Quality Assurance
  • Pre-Closing Audit
  • Post-Closing Quality Control
  • Compliance Audit
  • Pre-Delivery Audit

AuditGenius, Indecomm’s proprietary audit technology provides our clients with a real-time view of their files so you always know where things stand.

Pre-Funding Quality Assurance

Indecomm’s Pre-Funding Quality Assurance solution provides our partners with critical loan quality feedback prior to closing. We help mitigate the financial risk associated with originating a loan that does not meet eligibility or insurability requirements. Additionally, our partners are able to scale their Pre-Funding Audit capacity as production increases while maintaining service levels for their customers. Our Pre-Funding Quality Assurance services include:

  • Comprehensive quality assurance audits for a variety of loans types
    • Conventional
    • FHA
    • VA
    • USDA
    • HECM
  • 24-hour SLA
  • Loan selections can be made by partner or via sampling methodology
  • Real-time view of pipeline and reporting
  • Ability to 'prioritize' loans in audit pipeline
  • Automated delivery of loan level scorecards upon audit completion
  • Review of partner rebuttals and missing docs to cure findings
  • Comprehensive suite of reporting to track quality, trends and defect ratings

Post Closing Quality Control

Indecomm’s Post-Closing Quality Control solution allows our partners to leverage Indecomm’s decades of experience, expertise and powerful technology to meet the stringent QC requirements of today’s mortgage market. Backed by the power of our state-of-the-art risk management platform, AuditGenius, our partners have real-time visibility into the progression of all loans as they move through the audit process, and access to a robust suite of real-time reporting and business intelligence.

  • Comprehensive quality control audits for a variety of loan types
    • Conventional
    • FHA
    • VA
    • USDA
    • HECM
  • Post-Closing, early payment default and cancelled/denied/withdrawn audits
  • Random, discretionary and targeted reviews
  • Random sampling or statistical sampling options including selection stratification across loan type, channel, branch, occupancy, etc.
  • All required post-closing re-verifications and field reviews are ordered along with necessary follow-ups
  • Review of partner rebuttals and missing docs to cure findings
  • Comprehensive suite of reporting to track quality, trends and defect ratings


Audits are performed by our skilled Underwriters and Compliance Specialists to help you meet internal and investor requirements


Robust reporting including root cause analytics and scorecards that enable you always know where things stand and address issues before they become systemic.


Manage volume peaks and valleys and save money though transactions-based pricing

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