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Indecomm’s Publishing Portal solution addresses the practical need today’s lenders face-to have a consolidated location for their business-critical documents.

Our Publishing Portal provides a single resource with the tools you need to create, update and manage key documents like your policies, procedures and guides. Collaboration tools make it easy for multiple stakeholders to provide document input, and the alerts and notifications make informing users of changes easy. The easy-to-use structuring makes finding needed documents simple, and the reporting tools support an effective compliance strategy.


"Initially, the industry was challenged to understand the new regulations, but now the task is to minimize their cost," said Rajan Nair, President, Financial Services Division, Indecomm Global Services. "Publishing Portal™ provides the kind of efficiencies in risk management and detailed understanding of the rules that will ensure that our clients are in control of their bottom line in a new and complex environment."

With the wide-ranging capabilities of Publishing Portal™, clients get a state-of-the-art productivity and risk control tool. Publishing Portal™ should be your choice as a risk management solution because it offers:

  • Accessibility through the internet broadens the company's influence and communications to its partners and associates.
  • Since documents are archived under a permanent internet address, long-term research availability on the internet is ensured.
  • Timely access to documents creates an atmosphere of accountability to the reader instead of requiring the time of an expensive underwriter.
  • Leverage Indecomm's Industry Standard Federal Compliance, Guideline and Quality Control policies, fully customized and updated according to your company's focus and operations.
  • Updates to guidelines or policies, immediately generates an email to the reader, along with a link to the content that has been changed.
  • Features like highlighting and font coloring draw the reader's eye to changes and important company policy.
  • Content is accessible for editing to designated managers and is funneled toward the administrator for immediate publication.
  • Access Indecomm's Mortgage University content for the most comprehensive solution to educational compliance in the mortgage industry.
  • Important Company announcements facilitated by a press of a button.

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