Mortgage Policy & Guidelines


Regulatory requirements for the mortgage lending industry, just like the guidance for their implementation, are constantly changing. This results in the consistent burden to have compliance content and your policies positioned within your organization, with the added complexity of aligning that content with your actual business practices.

Getting your policy content in place and maintaining that content early and often is critical to your company’s compliance. Why? Audits and exams are still being conducted, violations are still being reported, and fines are still being assessed. Indecomm can help ease your policy development burden and reduce your company’s operational and reputational risk with our suite of Policy Manuals.

Policy Titles and Prices

Choose from the following mortgage policy manual titles currently available. The price for each title includes the standard policy manual, delivered in a MS Word document, with your company’s name throughout the file. Two upgrades are available. You can choose our branding option to customize with your company logo and copyright.

Standard Policy Manuals Upgrades**
Policy Titles Price* Table of contents & Sample Branding Content
Anti-Money Laundering for Lenders Policy Manual $435 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Appraisal Independence Policy Manual $150 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage (ATR-QM) Policy Manual $375 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Federal Compliance for Mortgage Originators Policy Manual $2195 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
FHA Lender Approval and Delegation Policy $435 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Policy Manual – NEW! $695 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Loan Origination Quality Control Policy Manual $675 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
TRID Policy Manual – Released with TRID 2.0 in May 2018! $595 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Vendor Management Policy Manual $675 buy-now Download Upgrade Upgrade
Complete Policy Manual Library (9 titles) $6230 buy-now
*One-time fee unless otherwise identified.
** Branding Upgrade is $450 per title, one-time fee.
Content Updates Upgrade is $225 per title, annual fee.

Due to the nature of the product, Indecomm Policy Manuals are non-refundable. Please view our purchase policy for more details.


What are the advantages of choosing Indecomm’s mortgage industry policy manuals?

  • Indecomm has a proven track record of over 25 years in the mortgage industry
  • We partner with large and mid-sized lenders, credit unions, independent banks, servicers, MI companies, and title
  • companies as a trusted partner with solutions for every stage of the mortgage lifecycle
  • Our team consists of subject matter experts, technical writers, and editors with decades of mortgage experience, as
  • well as designers and customer liaisons who deliver a top-quality product to meet your exact needs
  • Our mortgage policy documents are developed with the insights acquired from years of our consulting and
  • outsourcing experience working with hundreds of mortgage operations teams
  • Fulfill regulators requirements to have meaningful mortgage policy manuals implemented within your organization
  • Receive up-to-date mortgage policy content with federal regulatory requirements
  • Choose from our ready-to-implement, complete policy manuals in MS Word format with your company’s name
  • Upgrade with branding options and content updates
  • Take your policy game to the next level with our consulting, training, and publishing services


Indecomm’s mortgage policy documents feature the following benefits:

  • Save time and resources. Writing policies and procedures is a time-consuming, arduous process. Our complete,
  • ready-to-implement policy manuals are an affordable and convenient solution to get your policies in place.
  • Convenience. You’ll have your thorough, compliant policy in MS Word file in your email within 2 business days.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements. Meet federal, agency, CFPB, and fair lending requirements when your policy
  • document is in place.
  • Reduce company risk. Get your policies in order and reduce your company’s exposure to compliance, quality control,
  • operational, reputational, and licensing risk.
  • Customize with your internal policies. We’ll deliver your policy in a MS Word file with your company’s name
  • throughout the document. Customize the content as needed with your internal policies.
  • Upgrade with your branding. We will add your logo and copyright to your mortgage policy with our branding
  • upgrade option.
  • Get content updates. Regulations change. With our content updates upgrade, you’ll receive updates as they occur
  • through the year. You’re guaranteed to receive at least one updated policy per year.
  • Next level options. Don’t have the time to document or add your internal policies? Our consulting team can help
  • develop your policies, train your team on them, and even publish them in your own library. We can help you take it to
  • the next level. Ask us how!

Delivery Details

Standard Policy Manuals: Once you place your policy manual online order, you will receive your online receipt, followed by a confirmation email with the purchase agreement. Once we receive your signed purchase agreement, you’ll receive your policy manual within 2 business days, complete with your company’s name throughout the MS Word document.

    Upgrade Options:
  • If you choose the Branding option, we will request your logo artwork and copyright details for the file.
  • If you choose the Content Updates option, you will receive content updates throughout the year, with a guarantee of at
  • least one document update annually. If you also chose the Branding option, the Branded file will be updated and
  • delivered to you.

If you have any questions, email us and we will be happy to help you.

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