Government Insuring Exceptions Clearing Specialist

Location: Remote

Open Position(s):  1

Job Description:

Post-Closing – Government Insuring Specialist


Key Responsibility Areas

    – Exception Curing

    • Validate exceptions/deficiencies are accurate. Any incorrect conditions will be returned to Client’s audit team.
    • Assign loan to individual work queue in Client’s system of record.
    • Identify any critical documents missing from insurance file by utilizing Client’s checklist.
    • Complete initial application within FHAC.
    • Any exceptions identified during the initial run will be entered as conditions in Client’s system of record.
    • Upload copy of the insurance application to the Client’s system of record.
    • Cure exceptions/deficiencies found in audited files.
    • Request or correct curative documents from internal and external sources (as per Client process and procedures), any items needed to cure exceptions identified from the government insuring audit.
    • Requests can be made via email or phone.
    • Any updates will be documented into Client’s system of record.
    • Cure documents will be uploaded into Clients system of record.
    • Follow up with five additional requests.
    • After six requests, loans will be forwarded for escalation as per Client process.
    • Upon receipt of exception, updated information is entered in FHAC or webLGY.
    • Follow up for final insuring endorsement status.

    – Fina Electronic Insurance Submission

    • Input and Submit loan data in FHAC (FHA) or webLGY (VA) to complete electronic loan Submission.
    • Any Exceptions identified during the final run will be entered as conditions in the Clients’ system of record.
    • Obtain MIC (FHA) or LGC (VA) upload into the Client’s system of record.
    • Enter insured date into the Client’s system of record.
    • Upload the final insurance application.

Must Have

    • 1-3 years of mortgage experience which includes working with government loans preferred
    • Familiar with closing documents in a mortgage transaction
    • Excellent communication, customer-service and organizational skills and detail oriented
    • Ability to work in fast paced environment
    • High school degree required; college degree preferred
    • Experience with Microsoft office products
    • Aptitude and comfort working with uncertainty and implementing change in a high pressure, time-constrained environment
    • Technological adaptability

    Previous mortgage experience in any one or combination of (government insuring, processing, Post-Closing)

    Organization: Mortgage – Onshore Operations

    Travel: No