Indecomm GeniusPass™

Indecomm GeniusPass

To create a quality training program, you need countless hours and resources to develop content, coursework, activities, assessments and more.

We’ve already done the work. Let Indecomm Mortgage Learning be your training department.

Indecomm has created a scalable eLearning training subscription with your organization and your needs in mind.

With Indecomm GeniusPass, your employees will have access to our entire eLearning course library for one low individual rate. With course topics ranging the entire loan life cycle, including underwriting, compliance, and VA and FHA lending, you’ll make a genius move to add Indecomm Mortgage Learning to serve as your learning solution or to complement your existing program.

Indecomm GeniusPass benefits include:

  • Latest industry topics, trends and issues spanning the loan life cycle
  • Fifty+ courses* available over 12 months
  • Fifteen+ recorded webinars
  • Courses delivered in a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning objectives and final exams
  • Interactive practice activities
  • Industry experts as content providers
  • Reports on student progress available
  • All new courses released during subscription period are included

Indecomm GeniusPass™ Pricing

NUMBER OF SEATS 1 <5 <25 <50 <250 >250
INDECOMM LEARNING PASS PRICE $295 $625 $2,250 $3,000 $6,250 Call for Quote
COST PER STUDENT $295 $125 $90 $60 $25 Call for Quote
SELLING MODEL E-Store E-Store E-Store E-Store E-Store & Sales Sales
*GeniusPass™ subscriptions do not include Curriculum Series final exams.

Indecomm GeniusPass™ Courses

  1. Ability to Repay for Mortgage Professionals
  2. Anti-Money Laundering Program for Residential Mortgage Lenders
  3. ATR and QM Features
  4. Basics of the Loan Closing
  5. CD #1: Completing Page One of the Closing Disclosure
  6. CD #2: Completing Pages Two and Three of the Closing Disclosure
  7. CD #3: Completing Pages Four and Five of the Closing Disclosure
  8. CD (Closing Disclosure) Scenarios
  9. Closing a RESPA Loan
  10. Completing the URLA
  11. Credit Analysis
  12. Fair Lending Laws
  13. FCRA and FACTA
  14. Federal Regulations
  15. FHA Appraisals
  16. FHA Forms and Processing
  17. FHA Fundamentals Overview
  18. FHA Manual Underwriting
  19. FHA Purchase Transactions
  20. FHA Total Scorecard
  21. Gramm-Leach Bliley Act
  22. HMDA Essentials
  23. HPA (PMI Cancellation)
  24. Identity Theft Red Flags Rule
  25. IDR #1: Introduction to the Integrated Disclosures Rule
  26. IDR #2: Delivery of the Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure
  27. IDR #3: Changes to the Loan Estimate
  28. Income Analysis
  1. Introduction to Mortgage Lending
  2. Keep Calm and Be Safe Online (Cybersecurity)
  3. LE #1: Completing Page One of the Loan Estimate
  4. LE #2: Completing Pages Two and Three of the Loan Estimate
  5. LE (Loan Estimate) Scenarios
  6. Non-Traditional Mortgage Products
  7. NSS under RESPA: Force-Placed Insurance, Policies and Procedures
  8. NSS under RESPA: Servicing Changes and Qualified Written Requests
  9. NSS under RESPA: Servicing Delinquent Borrowers
  10. National Servicing Standards Under TILA
  11. Preventing Mortgage Fraud
  12. QM Points and Fees and Exemptions
  13. Regulation Z: TILA Advertising
  14. RESPA for Origination
  15. Responsible Selling
  16. SAFE Act and Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing Rules
  17. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
  18. Traditional Mortgage Products
  19. TRID for Closers
  20. TRID for Loan Officers
  21. TRID for Processors
  22. VA Appraisals
  23. VA Eligibility, Closing Costs, and Funding Fee
  24. VA Forms
  25. VA Refinances
  26. VA UW Fundamentals
  27. Verification of Assets

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