Simplify income calculations and analysis


IncomeGenius® is Indecomm’s SaaS technology solution for income calculations and analysis. IncomeGenius® acts as your Income Center and consolidates income documents from the borrower and source of truth data into one cohesive view. Because we’ve simplified the process of calculating income, it can be used at the start of the loan process by originators and processors to obtain accurate income, which improves the borrower experience. In addition to acting as a job aid, IncomeGenius®also generates a cash flow analysis (CFA) and provides a clear audit trail. With IncomeGenius® , you’re able to automate the income calculation process which helps shorten loan cycles and improve pull through rates.

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IN THE NEWS: Indecomm Releases New IncomeGenius® Retail Packages, 4/5/2020

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Save Time

Reduce income calculation time by up to 50% with our automation technology and robust rules engine along with integrations for sources of truth data, LOS and POS providers.

Shorten Loan Cycle

When income analysis is done earlier in the loan cycle, underwriters save time and can review more loans.

Improve Compliance

IncomeGenius® is compliant for audit requirements and provides an audit trail. With the same rules and standards applied consistently, audit risk is decreased.

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