We can help you effeciently manage your documents


Indecomm provides a number of outsourced document management solutions to help today’s lenders, servicers and title companies address their document challenges. By leveraging our experienced staff and proprietary technology solutions, we’re able to provide effective and efficient document management solutions for some of the most challenging areas of the mortgage process.


Indecomm provides eRecording services to the nation’s leading mortgage lenders. We provide access to over 1,000 jurisdictions via Indecomm’s electronic recording software, InteleDoc DirectTM. We are able to improve recording turn times, calculate accurate fees, and provide information on county requirements.

With eRecording jurisdictions accounting for 63.2% of the U.S. population, we have developed an extensive electronic recording footprint, focusing on high population states that continues to expand.

Mail-away Recording

We provide Real Estate Document Recording services nationwide in over 3,600 jurisdictions via traceable courier, including electronic recording in nearly 1,000 jurisdictions. As a single source partner for recoding services we can handle electronic as well as paper recording, and do so by the most efficient method available.

No matter where you need to record, we can handle your needs. We are your partner for centralized, end-to- end handling of the recording process. We leverage our proprietary solution for calculating fees and county requirements and ship via traceable courier. Statuses, tracking, recording information and reporting are all provided via the web.

Final Document Management

Indecomm’s Final Document Management solution provides proactive follow-up with settlement agents, correspondent lenders and brokers. We work with all parties involved to ensure that the final steps in the loan process are completed in a timely fashion. Through the use of ViewPoint, our proprietary final document management solution, we are able to provide our partners with real-time reporting on the status of final documents (pending & received) and scorecards for settlement agent, correspondent lender and broker performance. We’ are able to help you ensure proper lien position and meeting of investor requirements for final documents.

Post Closing Audit

Indecomm’s Post Closing Audit service handles the intake of post-closing packages for imaging, auditing, exception management and delivery of closed loan documents to lenders. We leverage our proprietary solution, DynamicDoc HubTM, to provide clients with real-time visibility for the status of each document and the ability to access the exceptions and clear them instantly. We’re able to help minimize touch-points and improve the transition from post-closing to the recording process. We also provide custom stacking and auditing for post-closing packages based on lender requirements for timely loan funding.

Assignment Services

Indecomm’s Assignment services provide comprehensive loan transfer services for bulk sales and acquisitions, MERS assignments and foreclosure assignments for mortgage lenders, servicers and investors.

  • Drafting
  • Printing
  • Execution
    • Via client-provided signing authority
  • Recording

Lien Release Services

Indecomm provides Comprehensive lien release services for mortgage lenders and servicers including releases of MERS loans. We provide all the services needed for the lien release including:

  • Drafting
  • Printing
  • Execution
    • Via client-provided signing authority
  • Recording of satisfactions and releases.


Our experience and technology allow us to help our clients identify and execute the best processes and workflows to achieve greater efficiency.


Technology enabled access and reporting for program details provides transparency as well as insights for forecasting and issue mitigation.


By following optimal workflows, we reduce touchpoints and the opportunity for errors.

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