Audit technology for quality control and risk management


AuditGenius is the next generation technology of Kaizen®. Indecomm’s web-based SaaS solution for loan audits and mortgage risk management. It leverages technology to enable automation and simplify the loan audit process for effective mortgage risk management.

AuditGenius addresses the task of comparing data for an audit, freeing up your staff so they only need to review exceptions. By applying business rules to data & documents, AuditGenius can auto-post possible findings identified on the loan to the review, allowing it to automate:

  • LE and CD Reviews
  • MSR Reviews
  • HMDA Audits
  • Compliance
  • TRID Reviews
  • Post-Closing QC
  • Custodial Document Audits
  • Securitization Audits
  • FHA Insurance & Delivery
  • Custom Pre & Post Closing Document Data Comparisons

HousingWire featuring Indecomm's AuditGenius™

In addition to robust reporting and root cause analytics, AuditGenius also offers an in-depth Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard. These powerful tools allow you to monitor production, identify trends, recognize issues and address them before they become systemic.

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AuditGenius uses technology to reduce document review time so your staff to focus on exceptions rather than matching data


Robust reporting, dashboards and analytics allows problem areas to be identified so issues can be addressed before they become systemic


AuditGenius simplifies the process of mortgage risk management by identifying and indexing documents, completing checklist items and alerting users to areas that need attention

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