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Headquartered in Edison, NJ, Indecomm is a leading provider of business services and technology for the US mortgage industry. With solutions for every stage of the mortgage lifecycle, Indecomm provides outsourcing services, software as a service (SaaS) technology, and learning solutions to support the various needs of mortgage industry clients.

With a proven track record of over 25 years in the mortgage industry, Indecomm partners with large and mid-sized lenders, servicers, and title companies as a trusted partner with a singular focus - helping them grow.

Key Differentiators
  •  Seasoned company with a proven track record of 25 years in the mortgage industry, with 1200 employees across the globe
  •  Technology firm with mortgage banking expertise that provides robust automation solutions and outsourcing services that support the loan life cycle
  •  Leveraging the latest technology allows automation of mortgage processes that were previously done only on a manual basis
  •  All engagements can be customer monitored to observe work in real time using the latest in cutting edge technology
  •  Automation and software technology can also be licensed without the outsourcing component providing customer the same real time reporting and visibility into their employee’s work

Media Contact

Krista K. Sabol
Director, Marketing & Communications
Email : krista.sabol@indecomm.net or Call (540) 533-0991

Corporate Headquarters

379 Thornall Street, 2nd Floor
Edison, NJ 08337

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