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"The relationship has been phenomenal from the get go. The staff’s attention to our requirements and direction has been second to none. Thanks again for the great partnership!"

—Nicholas Imbimbo, Senior Director of TPO Operations, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

"You all are doing an amazing job!!!"

—Mitzi Archer, VP, Senior Operations Manager, AmeriHome

“Originations Operations Management would like to recognize our Indecomm Underwriter for her assistance in getting 6 loans for 1 borrower approved and closed. These files were by no means easy to underwrite. Our Underwriter continued to assist and answer my questions on what information to get in order to complete her review. I thank her for showing remarkable patience and dexterity throughout the entire underwriting process. Way to go!!! My respect and appreciation only grows when talented Underwriters such as these take the time to assist processors by answering questions that help get files approved and closed. Thank you again!”

—Senior Vice President, Originations Operations, Leading Mortgage Lender

“Staying afloat in shifting seas is not luck. It takes more than one person on the oars, pulling together in the right direction. Best coordination and best practices go together with Indecomm’s partnership package. Indecomm brings knowledge to the bottom

—Mike Maher, Executive Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer of Mortgage Banking,...

“Nexera’s relationship with Indecomm and the team there has helped me launch and grow my start-up mortgage bank in an extremely efficient manner. They have helped us with all aspects of the mortgage manufacturing process, including training. Indecomm has also worked side by side with my team to help customize our work-flow to fit their team onshore and offshore. By doing this, it has allowed Nexera to continue to move more tasks of the business to Indecomm.”

—Steve Abreu, Founder & CEO l Newfi Lending

“From our initial planning sessions through detailed testing and implementation of Indecomm’s external auditing, the Indecomm team has demonstrated an unprecedented service level and attention to detail. My internal QC collaborators and I are thrilled with Indecomm’s professionalism and ‘can-do’ culture.”

—Cathy Davidson, COO, Gold Star Mortgage

"We are very grateful for Indecomm’s immediate action to help us keep our clients happy when UST turned their back on us and their other clients. We know you rushed to set up the new customer codes and you burdened your workforce while you staffed up. You helped pull our feet out of the fire. But,because we send you the recording piece of those customers only after sending the scanning elsewhere there are inefficiencies that have to be resolved. I can’t see why we wouldn’t consider Indecomm for that work. Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to our continued relationship."

—Scott Delval, Manager, BPO, Old Republic Bank

“NexBank aggregates mortgages through bulk acquisition, correspondent and wholesale lending channels. We also provide warehouse lending services. Indecomm allows us to quickly respond in this highly evolving industry. Their technology helps us streamline our workflow and effectively manage increasing loan volume. Improved outsourcing capabilities have allowed us to achieve greater quality-controls, increased efficiency and lower costs.
With Indecomm, we can focus on what matters most – serving our clients and expanding our business.”

—Brian Ralston, SVP, Mortgage Banking, NexBank

“They are innovative, responsive and are knowledgeable of the mortgage industry needs.”

—Executive Vice President, Mortgage Fulfillment, Top 10 Lender

We want to thank all of you for your hard work and focus on carefully underwriting our MI risk, and collaborative, timely customer communications. Our group continues to deliver a positive customer experience with results that are stellar in the industry which solidify our growth in the MI marketplace.
We appreciate your daily contributions to our team!

—VP Underwriting Fulfillment, Leading National Mortgage Insure

(Indecomm Underwriter) utilizes her time wisely, works diligently and stays current with the most recent guidelines. She takes the time to answers our questions in an effort to help us achieve a proactive approach to future submissions goal of consistent “one touch” files. She responds to our requests in a timely fashion and with the highest attention to detail. (Indecomm Underwriter) truly shares our “client for life” mentality and represents (Indecomm’s Client) in a very reputable light.

—Compliment from President, Correspondent Lender, to Indecomm Underwriter on an Underwriting Engagement for a National Lender

I just wanted to give a shout out to my Underwriter (Indecomm Underwriter) for being such a wonderful and patient person. She takes the time to call and email with any questions or clarification and is willing to explain the reason behind the reason. That is rare in this business. She stays well ahead of the turn time to get her work done. If I could give you a raise, I would. You have a future with our company. Continue being the best and I look forward to our next file.

—Compliment from Processor, Large National Lender, to Indecomm Underwriter

Everything is going great! The team is doing well, the auditing is coming along good, we are happy, happy, happy!

—Vice President of Compliance, Regional Bank

“I am grateful for your dedication towards quality and your diligence with these folks. I have confidence in the decisions you make and appreciate the continual excellent communication between us. Thanks again”

—Operations Manager, Top 10 Lender

"On a different note, I was going to remind you to start getting next month’s payoff figures, but you guys already did. I was very impressed. Thanks."

—Tax Department Manager, title insurance company

"Indecomm has provided the resources to rapidly expand our business without sacrificing our focus on quality. We’re now as nimble and responsive working with 100 markets as we were originally working with five. Volume and cost reduction are important, but without quality we can’t stay in business Indecomm understands that.

—President, title services company

"You and all of Indecomm Global Services need kudos for this. I realized what had to change, and it is a testament to your commitment to our learning curve, too."

—Supplier Relations Manager, large title insurance company in the US

"This is fantastic, Sir. I like the proactive approach too. I did not expect this! "

—Supplier Relations Manager, large title insurance company in the US

"From the orders that we have looked at so far, we have been very pleased with your team's efforts. Great work!"

—Director, National Title Operations, large title insurance company in the US

"This is a great report. Thank you very much for your work. We are pleased with the results."

—Vice President, Resources, large title insurance company in the US

"[We] wanted to compliment Indecomm Global Services on their legal descriptions. I've had many long descriptions, which are virtually ERROR-FREE. The work and the proofing are excellent. "

—Manager, leading provider of residential mortgage services

"Indecomm is the epitome of a true business partner. Working collaboratively with Indecomm, the Bank has been able to garner more than a 50% increase in market share in 2012, which has driven the Bank back to profitability. Indecomm has provided invaluable insights, perspectives, resources, and solutions that the Bank plans to continue to leverage into 2013 and beyond."

—Senior Vice President, a leading financial institution

"Indecomm is constantly working on ways to improve the relationship. The Executive Team is pleasant to work with and always open to ways to improve."

—Barbara Richards, Quality Performance Manager, SunTrust

"Indecomm generally meets or exceeds the expectations for delivery of service. Indecomm is always open to communication should any type of issue arise. We work through the good and bad as partners. Without the partnership of Indecomm, we would not be in a position to meet our own internal expectations for delivery of service to our customers."

—Lisa Gajewski, Director of Underwriting, M & T Bank

"All aspects of my engagement with Indecomm have exceeded my expectations. I have worked with many vendor partners over the years and classify Indecomm right at the top!! "

—Deborah Campbell, VP Mortgage Product Development, Independent Bank

"Typically speaking, the pipeline is hands-off when released to the team. Management is positive and really easy to work with. "

—Tim Staudenmaier, Manager, Collateral Valuations, Greentree

"Responsive to and worked diligently to correct quality issues - willingness to take whatever steps necessary to improve any issue."

—Erika Wagner, Benefit Mall

"The team at Indecomm has always been very courteous, responsive and respectful of my team and our needs. They are always there to help if something is needed quickly and will make sure it is taken care of. They are responsive to the issues that are presented to them and working towards making the corrections for the future."

—Penny Ross, Mid Atlantic

"Our onsite review in India passed with flying colors and met all of our and our clients’ needs. IGS lets us have flexibility and manage a variable work force and ramp up and down as needed with seasonal and business changes."

—Walter Mullen, TRG – Corporate

"Indecomm adapts quickly to a changing business environment. This was very evident in the recent changes resulting from the RESCAP bankruptcy. As a result, SOWs, Invoices, and workflows needed to align to new business processes. Indecomm did a great job adapting to changes."

—Patrick Glemser, PMO Director, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC

"I do like the quick responsiveness from the team when I contact anyone. Also, the email exchanges do show that Indecomm wants to improve and is looking for areas to do this. This is an excellent approach for a vendor to have."

—Angie Spier, Sr. Ops Mgr., Landsafe-BOA

“I find that the communication from the staff at Indecomm is very good. They always keep me updated of any issues and we have a very active line of communication with them. The staff at Indecomm is continually alerting me of any issues they may have and bring it to our attention. When changes are made, they are quick to adapt to them and we work well together to keep things moving smoothly.”

—Donna Lafleur, Document Management Supervisor, Embrace Home Loans, Newport, RI

"Great staff to work with. Even with changes to personnel, they don't miss a beat in their delivery of service. Really do an excellent job on keeping us informed of changes in the industry. They have a proactive approach in that they try to anticipate issues when processes change. Their communication process is top notch. What I appreciate the most is the "business as usual" approach that my contacts at Indecomm provide. Issues or concerns are dealt with efficiently. "

—Mike Pelto, Loan Processor Manager, Bremer Bank, Lake Elmo, MN

"Good people always willing to discuss opportunities to improve our partnership -On the cutting edge in terms of leveraging technology to make the Recording process more efficient.”

—Ryan Schwarz, VP - Operations, American Title Inc., Omaha, NE

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